Broken Jewelry in Grand Forks, ND

Transform your aging gold items and any broken jewelry in Grand Forks, North Dakota, into the cash you need right away. We are prepared to appraise any item of flatware you own and offer cash, on the spot, in return. Regardless of condition, our specialists are ready to make an offer to you in exchange for the items that have just been collecting dust in your dressers for ages.

Realize the Cash Value of Your Rings

Your earrings and other items crafted from precious metals and diamonds may have seen better days, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the value locked away inside of those items. We take a scientific approach to appraisal, so you never have to worry about losing money based on someone’s judgement call.

Bring in that broken bracelet or that wedding ring set you inherited from your grandparents, and discover just how much you can get in return. Our fully-equipped team can provide you with an honest assessment when it comes to the value of your items. We own a scan machine worth more than $18,000, and this is used in conjunction with a traditional acid test.

Sell Your Flatware and Men’s Jewelry

Even though the prevailing fashions of the day may pass, you still have a great deal of monetary value locked up in those old items of jewelry. We purchase loose diamonds and offer wholesale pricing for any piece of jewelry you are interested in selling. When the time comes to sell that watch or an inherited set of silverware, you know that our group is ready to offer a fair price.

Enjoy a luxurious vacation or give your kid’s college fund a boost when you sell your gold and silver items for cash. Once you have the cash value of your old items in hand, take another look at the items we have for sale. We sell metal and diamonds at fair prices, so you can make your spouse happy while turning a profit.

Contact us today to start unlocking the value contained in the broken jewelry you own. We proudly serve customers in Grand Forks and Fargo, North Dakota, and surrounding communities in Northwestern Minnesota.